When it comes to cleaning, not every young person enjoys getting their hands dirty. But that isn’t the case for Amy; she found such great joy in cleaning that she created her own cleaning company at the age of 18. After several years in the cleaning business, she tried many cleaning products to help her work smarter and ensure homes are clean and smelled great. However she had to put up with harsh chemicals in the products to get a good clean and sweet-smelling fragrance.

Amy decided to seek out natural products in an effort to save herself and clients from breathing in harmful chemicals every day. But, she discovered that natural products were either not authentically natural or they just didn’t work well. Inspired by a desire to provide a healthier life for everyone, Amy developed her formulations to create non-toxic and natural cleaning products. She saw the need in the market for 100% natural products that actually work. She did research and asked several cleaners to use the products she developed in the homes they cleaned. After a couple of years, with more research and development, along with positive feedback from others, recipes were perfected and |PRETTY| CLEAN was born.

Everyone deserves 100% natural household cleaning products that will keep their home safe and healthy. Amy is passionate about natural living and ensuring you have a chemical-free home. Her mission is to provide cleaning products that kill harmful bacteria in your home rather than toxic chemicals that can bring more harm.

Cleaning may not be everyone’s favorite thing to do when using boring, smelly cleaners that give people headaches. No wonder no one wants to do it! But cleaning with |PRETTY| CLEAN is much more fun!

|PRETTY| CLEAN was created with lots of love using 100% natural ingredients to make the world a better place to live!