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Kick COVID in the a$$ with this powerful duo.

Add a Sage Cleaning Cloth to the duo for only $10 extra.

Multipurpose eco cloths are made from recycled material. 9”x12” Great for cleaning, using as a dish cloth, or even as a face/body cloth! Tough enough for scrubbing the kitchen, & soft enough for your face. Air dries in less than 20 mins (don’t put in dryer). 

Ew, Covid

Our natural disinfecting spray is a powerful, light spray for cleansing surfaces. It is strong! 70% alcohol. That’s like doing a shot. Buuut instead you’re cleaning. And stuck at home. So you may as well do both!

Spray down anything that has been touched- counters, handles, remotes, phones, etc. If you’re going to use it on your walls, test in an inconspicuous area first. It may dull the finish on certain paints. Otherwise, spray & wipe daily to kill all the things!

Hand Sani

Hand sanitizer is just a part of our day to day now. I mean, everyone’s doing it. So we wanted to make a |PRETTY| smelling & looking one, that you can carry around with you, keep in your vehicle, have on the counter, & show off to all your friends (when you eventually get to see them). 

Shake, then spray your hands & rub together. It dries super fast but doesn’t dry out your hands. Pairs well with our EW, COVID spray & a nice glass of wine. #alcoholforthewin